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In summer semester 2019-20 students will get 25 ECTS for 5 philosophical courses of their choice (5 ECTS each), 3 ECTS for the Diplomseminar and 2 ECTS for a language course of their choice or for the Phaenomenologie Uebung course.

In the EuroPhilosophie curriculum in Prague, all major philosophical courses have 5 ECTS, both language courses have 2 ECTS and the Diplomseminar has 3 ECTS. The choice of the philosophical courses is free for each student, according to their preference of the language of instruction. The Diplomseminar and one of the language courses (German or French) are obligatory. Alternatively, German speaking students are recommended to validate the Phaenomenologie Uebung II. course (2 ECTS) instead of the language course.

The amount of 30 ECTS in total must be acquired through active participation and submitting the required assignments in the courses índicated in the list above only.

You may and are also welcome to attend additional courses in the EuroPhilosophie curriculum (above the minimum of 30 ECTS) without being enrolled.

Students whose level in German is lower than B1 are allowed to participate in the German course for beginners instead of the Uebung auf Detusch - Deutschkurs fuer Philosophie Studenten.


For information regarding enrollment in courses, please click here.

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